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Idea Sonora is a voiceover agency with an extended directory of the finest voice performers. Our voices are mainly in Spanish and Catalan, but we also offer artists in other languages such as English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, among others.

Our database is constantly renewed and we are casting new voices all the time. Of course, all our artists are native speakers.

We can offer either samples of voices already recorded in our studio or we can make a casting following the client’s needs.

Voice over services Barcelona

If you don’t speak the same language as the talent, do not worry about anything, all our members of the staff speak Spanish, Catalan and English. During the session, our technicians can additionally have the role of the casting director and they will help each part of the team to communicate with each other.

Idea Sonora also provides professional voiceover recording, editing, mixing and mastering services at very competitive rates. Our work includes VO recording for radio & TV commercials, industrial/corporative videos, documentaries & feature films, web audio. We also record voice for multimedia & games, audio books, eLearning, deliverable on any kind of format.

We also do sound design, we specialize in the creation of all kinds of sound atmospheres, audio for logos, motion graphics, etc.

How we can help you find the right voice

Are you looking for a sensual and deep male voice? Or do you prefer a strong and distinctive female talent? Tell us what you are looking for and we will guide you towards the hundreds of voicerover artists we have.

We deliver free voice proposal with pre-recorded audios and demos, having into consideration the range of age, gender, timbre and style.

The type of product, the intended audience and the intention of the script are also key to decide what is the best choice, so the more details you can tell us, the best we can provide you guidance.

Our professional artists have an extensive experience in voiceover, advertising, radio, dubbing, animation and acting. Some of them are also professional singers. We also offer a great diversity of talents from all ages and nationalities. But all of them have something in common, they are incredibly good at what they do.

Among our voices, there are no bland voices. They all have something special, whether you want a fresh and unknown talent or a recognisable and distinctive voice. Any idea you have in mind we can make it happen.

If you are looking for a specific type of voice and intention, here are some examples that could guide you:

Voice over casting Barcelona. Spain.

Actor/actress, arrogant, attractive, believable, calming, casual, charming, cheerful, classy, comedic, compassionate, cool, corporate, cute, deep, dignified, distinctive, dynamic, easy-going, educational, elegant, enthusiastic, exciting, expressive, famous, fresh, friendly, fun, happy, informative, innocent, intelligent, inviting, journalistic, loud, luxurious, natural, old, optimistic, passionate, playful, powerful, promoting, real, relaxing, rough, sarcastic, senior, sensual, sexy, silly, smooth, soft, sweet, tough, trustworthy, urban, versatile, warm, wise, young, …

Voice over Connectivity

We can connect with other studios abroad through ISDN, Source Connect, phone patch, Skype, Bluejeans and Session Link Pro (always with picture in sync) so you can follow the recording from anywhere in the world.

After the recording, we can deliver the audios by email immediately with any format you prefer.

Technical details

ISDN is still the worldwide standard tool for sending high-quality audio over ISDN and the broadcaster’s choice for remote audio production. The World’s most widely used ISDN transceivers assures you of quick, easy connections to virtually everywhere.

Our ISDN lines and equipment let us connect digitally all over the world to similarly equipped studios, broadcasters, advertising agencies, actors and voice-over artists…

Source-Connect is your ISDN alternative (over the Internet), for professional, remote recording and monitoring in sync with picture.

Skype, phone patch, Bluejeans and Session Link Pro are other ways we can connect.

Voice over services studio Barcelona

Besides these possibilities, if there is a different tool you would like to use you just need to require it: if it exists, we can make it.

Perfect for high quality interviews with experts on pressing news topics, or for conducting many radio interviews in one day from one location. We can obviously record all interviews too for broadcast syndication purposes.

International projects

Recently we have finished a production for Seat that have involved the recording of 12 talents in 12 different languages for a video that was presented at the Genève International Motor Show.

Also, we provide the voices of all the national and international radio and TV commercials for the airline company Vueling. France, Italy, UK, Netherlands and Germany are among the countries we put the voice for.

What about our clients abroad? We connect regularly with many recording studios, sometimes with different countries at the same time.

Do you need us to conduct an ADR session? We have done many recordings for different series and movies around the world, from BBC series to movies of the Universal Studios.

We also received some exclusive visits for the recording of TV commercials, such as the football player Thierry Henry, with whom we recorded several scripts for a Renault campaign for the UK.

A while ago we had Leigh Wannell (Saw) recording the audio commentaries for his movie Cooties with the directors Jonathan Milot and Cary Murnion, who were in London, and Elijah Wood in New York. We were all linked at the same session to make everything work smooth and easy.

We also connected with radio stations all over the planet which needed to conduct interviews with celebs in Barcelona. Josep Carreras, the Catalan operatic tenor, came to our studios to do an interview for Classic FM in London.

The top model Judith Mascó, the singer Antonio Orozco and the ex GP motorist Àlex Crivillé are some other celebrities who have visited our studio.

Why us?

The best way to sell ourselves is the reputation we built among our clients, who keep coming back. We offer a family environment, a professional and quick service and the flexibility that each project deserves. Each person, project and voice is special, that’s why we treat them as unique.

With us you will find a very coordinated team, who will assist you through all the process and will take care of everything. Once you choose the voice you want, we arrange their convocation, their buyouts, the recording and if required the editing and mastering of the files. It couldn’t be easier.

The studio is located in the centre of Barcelona, Spain, in a very well connected area and perfect location for talents and clients. Our big and modern studios will welcome you or your clients during the recording. Doesn’t matter if you come on your own or if you bring your whole team, there is plenty of space and you will feel like home.

Barcelona voiceover services

Do you fancy a cup of coffee or tea? No problem, we will always be glad to offer you any beverage or snack you may want during the session.

Any way you would like to connect with us we can make it possible. We think internationally, always looking at innovative methods to give the best and quickest service. Either if you are another studio, an advertisement agency or a production company, the passion we have in what we do is going to be reflected in your work.

And the last but not the least, we have the best voices in Barcelona. Always finding new ones, discovering new talents and gathering one of the biggest catalogues in Spain with many different nationalities. Tell us your idea and we will find the voice that will make it real.

If you have a project in mind or you need more information, feel free to contact us. Our team is always willing to help and will give you a prompt answer for any of your requests.

Who we are

Coming from the audio postproduction background with an experience of more than 12 years, Pep Aguiló started Idea Sonora 8 years ago, a sound studio and voice over agency which operates at an international level, having extensive experience collaborating on multinational and multilingual projects.

Voiceover studio team Barcelona. Spain.

We have a professional team, all English speakers, who can deal with any project related to Voice Overs, sound design or post production in general.

Along with Pep, our Sound Engineer team is completed by Enric and Sofia. Working at the highest standards, they will make sure your piece is always presented impeccably. Also, they are available to answer and solve any technical issues that you may have.

On the other hand, Cristina and Elia comprise our Production/Casting department and are the link between our clients, our engineers and the voice artists.

They will help you coordinate everything from the start of the project until its closure. Beginning with a personalised casting, they can assist you to find the perfect voice, negotiate with them if necessary, and support you with anything else you may need.

We also know that each project is different and can vary a lot from one to another, so if you need assistance with the budget and the artist’s fees, you can contact our team and they will be willing to help with nobinding obligations.

Let’s talk!

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