At Idea Sonora we’ll produce your podcast and video podcast. Our podcast service is super complete. We can take care of just the recording or, if you want, you can leave everything to us. From writing the script, finding speakers or presenters, creating original music, or even the final launch on all audio and video platforms. We have a special multi-format set that adapts to every type of podcast.


"We definitely live in the podcast era".

Nicholas Quah


I want to create a podcast about vegan diets for pets but I just can’t face writing the script.

You silly dog! Call Idea Sonora and they’ll take care of everything.

Concept / Script

Idea Sonora’s team of professional scriptwriters has the most extensive experience in the audiovisual sector. We cover all kinds of formats from educational and news podcasts to more creative ones. We’ll carry out all the necessary documentation work, gather the necessary information and select the appropriate participants (panelists, experts, actors, speakers, etc.).

Recording Studio / Set

If your podcast requires a round table for several panelists, no problem. At Idea Sonora we have everything you need. Our studios can perfectly accommodate several interviewees at the same time. But if you prefer a more hybrid format, we can also have interviewees participating in person and others participating remotely connected through high quality IP connection systems.

If a video podcast is what you have in mind, Idea Sonora is just what you’re looking for. We have a film studio equipped with professional lighting and cameras. Whatever the style of your podcast, we make it possible. We can bring any idea, design, or atmosphere to life. And if necessary, we can also live stream your podcast on the most popular platforms.

We are in Barcelona and Madrid

Do you need to record your Podcast in Barcelona? Do you prefer to record it in Madrid? In connection from Barcelona with Madrid, or from Madrid with Barcelona? Perfect. None of this is a problem. Quite the opposite. At Idea Sonora we have twin Podcast and Video-Podcast studios in Barcelona and Madrid. Same system, same technology, same philosophy, same excellent quality.
You just say where and we take care of the rest.

Hi Madrid, this is
Micky from Barcelona.
Do you know any
new jokes?

Sure, brother.
What's a megaphone?...

Binaural sound design

More than 20 years of professional experience in the audiovisual sector has allowed us to adapt to the world of podcasts seamlessly. Creating interesting sound experiences is our specialty. In addition, we have equipped our facilities with new immersive sound technologies to create a three-dimensional sound sensation that includes binaural microphones, and the latest post-production plugins for 3D sound among others.


Music plays a crucial role in the sound design of a podcast. At Idea Sonora we are specialists in creating custom music themes. The possibilities are endless: atmospheric music, compositions that highlight the most significant moments, musical bursts for documentary style podcasts, and musical ambiences for fiction podcasts.


Each podcast has a unique and original approach. The voice or voices that participate are a fundamental part. Some podcasts require real participants while others require voices to perform fictional scenes. And sometimes, what you need is a voice that acts as the perfect common thread that brings it all together. Whatever voices your podcast needs, Idea Sonora will find them for you. Our wide portfolio of voices includes speakers of all types of registers.

Podcasts produced by Idea Sonora.

Episodio 01 · El ángulo sordo

Editing, mixing, and mastering of the podcast and uploading to platforms.

We admit it. We’re obsessed with good sound. That’s why, at Idea Sonora, we have both the tools and the experience necessary to provide your podcast with the highest sound quality. We make sure that your podcast meets the most demanding technical specifications. And we can take care of uploading it to the playback platforms you want and keep statistical control of its reproduction.

Web positioning

But having your podcast produced is only half the battle. Half the battle?!? Yes. An effective positioning strategy is essential. Getting your podcast to achieve maximum performance and reach the highest number of plays is no easy task. But don’t worry. Our team includes professional experts who will make the most of your podcast.

The key to happiness is ignorance.

And the key to a successful podcast is good web positioning.

There are a multitude of platforms where you can host, broadcast and grow your podcast.

  • soundcloud
  • ivoox
  • apple podcasts
  • spotify
  • google podcasts
  • anchor
  • spreaker
  • mixcloud
  • tunein
  • castbox
  • rss
  • podbean
  • libsyn
  • captivate

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At Idea Sonora we master everything related to sound, and when we transformed one of our sound studios into a podcast and video podcast studio with professional lighting and video recording equipment, we went to the best in the business, AVisual PRO. They took care of everything and made it as easy as pie.
Check them out.

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