Podcasting production services

Whether you’re talking about Kissinger’s potential war crimes or the latest episode of Love Island, we can provide everything your podcasting production needs. Our team of experts can provide script-writing, sound design, original music composition and, of course, podcasting recording. If you’re looking for podcasting production companies in Barcelona, Idea Sonora has you covered every step of the way.

Need to surround your audience with crunching tortilla chips? No problem, our immersive, 360° sound experience can make it happen. Want to interview a beekeeper on the best ways to avoid getting stung? We can help you find exactly who you need (relevant experts, actors, announcers, etc.) 


If your Dungeons and Dragons podcast is adding a player, don’t worry, our roundtable podcasting studio has enough space and microphones to interview multiple subjects at the same time comfortably. And your aunt in Chattanooga wants to be Dungeon Master? No problem, high-quality IP connections let us seamlessly combine remote and in-person audio.

Podcast sound design


We’ve been learning and adapting in the audiovisual sector for more than 20 years, which means we’re ready for everything from classic jingles up to ASMR muckbangs. An expert podcasting producer can help you create a three-dimensional sensation for your programme using ambisonic microphones and the latest 3D sound plugins.


As Julie Andrews once said: Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do! (So do!)

We all know how important music is to any audio media. In addition to our other podcasting services, we can provide original music compositions, whether your podcast needs an atmospheric orchestral piece or a flashy pop song.


Does your podcast need a touch of Janet Jackson or more of a Dame Judi Dench flavour? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Because we’re not just a podcasting agency, we’re a talent network. Our base of voice talent has every tone and cadence to cover your needs. We also provide translation and voiceover services with international talent available. 


Every podcast—even one about tax law—deserves the best technical expertise and equipment, and that’s what we provide. We take pride in handling every step of recording, production and publication, as well as podcasting editing services. At every step we use the latest tools and technology, making sure your podcast is ready to play on every popular audio platform.

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