Experts in sound

Pep Aguiló

Director and sound engineer

Pep is the director and founder of Idea Sonora. He spent years in Dublin and London, starting as a busker and eventually working his way into manning recording studios. In the process he was able to learn everything there is to know about sound and sound recording. Returning to Spain, he decided to start his own studio, and Idea Sonora was born. Outside of work, you may find him at the movies with his eyes closed, because he’s all about the sound.

Cristina Cuevas


Cristina does everything big. She’s the mother of twins, she’s traveled the world and when she has something to say, she says it loud. She’s a fearless force of nature that helps us keep production moving smoothly.

Èlia Pablo. Production manager at Idea Sonora recording studio.

Èlia Pablo

Production manager

Èlia decided to go to Bristol for 10 months and ended up there for 3 years, working in radio and media production in the UK. She refuses to live anywhere without a beach or a river and is an expert on cheese, although she’s also lactose intolerant. She runs the production side of Idea Sonora, which means she has her hand in everything going on—consider her our resident octopus.

David Perez sound engineer at Idea Sonora. Music design studio in Spain.

David Perez

Sound engineer

A true explorer, David is the office’s resident free spirit. When he’s not climbing mountains, he’s getting even better views as a drone pilot. That spirit of exploration is probably why he has experience across the audio industry, in both recording and post-production studios.

Roser Fargas - Production assistant

Roser Fargas

Production assistant

Roser loves movies and TV shows. She’s seen every episode of Friends 10 times, and “The One Where no One’s Ready” even more. When not identifying with Phoebe, Roser is probably playing volleyball, at a concert or keeping everything running smoothly as part of our production team.

Sofia Acri. Sound engineer at Idea Sonora, Barcelona music studio.

Sofia Acri

Sound engineer

Sofia is the friendliest Muay Thai fighter you’ll ever meet. Sure, she’s tough, but she’s also the social butterfly of Idea Sonora. Combine that with years of experience in sound design, shooting and audio post-production and she’s truly a force to be reckoned with.

Carles Comas - Sound engineer

Carles Comas

Sound engineer

A pure music addict, Carles fits right in at Idea Sonora. He’s a bassist and back-up singer for one of Barcelona’s up-and-coming metal bands, Blaze Out. Luckily for the Idea Sonora team, he brings the same intense energy to his work as a Sound Engineer, but with slightly less headbanging.

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