Any voice

A gravely Norwegian accent speaking perfect Spanish.
A wobbly-voiced tot that sings jingles in three languages.
From the most lovely giggle to the most horrid shriek.

Whatever voice you could possibly need, we’ve got it – and if we don’t we’ll help you find it. Any tone, any story, any emotion you need, we’ve got you covered. We’ve found voices that can excite the sloths and others that can tame dragons. We once spent eleven months perfecting the absolute perfect tones for a mediation session. It was all worth it for those zen vibes.

Idea Sonora is lucky enough to be located in the heart of Barcelona, one of the most international cities on the planet. That means that not only do we offer voice-over services in Spanish, Englsh and Catalan, we also have talent in languages ranging from Gaelic to Arabic to Klingon.

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