The clack-clack of a murderous turkey’s spur against a marble floor. A jester with a voice that could beguile any king. A sonata inspired by a rap anthem. Any sound, for any project. That’s what we do.

We have the space, tech and people to make your idea real, whether you need an A-list celebrity voiceover or the perfect sound effect for an unimpressed goldfish. We have a ridiculous pool of voice talent, with any accent you might request and several you’d never even think of. We also do audio post-production sound design, and original music composition. Whether it’s for TV, ad spots or ransom videos, whatever sound you need, we have it.

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Idea Sonora is an audio post production facility. What does that mean exactly? That means we have three roomy and fully equipped recording studios plus an editing room that are ready for everything from commercials to seances. Every day we tackle all kinds of sounds—be it a voiceover, the sounds of wind chimes or the gentle footsteps of a woman who’s out for nothing but revenge.

Need a bit of rhythm? We have multiple composers and acoustic guitars on hand. And if you need something more specific, like a theremin or a Mongolian throat-singer, we can get that too.

Of course, we’re also a full service voice over agency. Our team has helped choose the perfect voices for international ads, audiobooks, radio programs and several occult rituals.

As we’re based in Barcelona, we’re used to working in an international environment. Whether you’re from Spain, the UK, Korea, Argentina or the 5th dimension, if you want great sound, this is where you should be.

And our recording studios are more than functional. They’re designed for comfort, with a roomy interior and specifically chosen furniture. We also have a designated meeting space with lightning-fast wifi, a beautiful terrace and a coffee area perfect for dramatic monologues. It’s all situated just where Eixample meets Gracia, surrounded by production companies, ad agencies and tourists looking for Gaudi-designed buildings.



What does a demon’s voice sound like? Can boiling rubber make you feel something? Can a dystopian future sound inspirational? These are the types of questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. That’s because we don’t just record all types of voices, we produce all types of sound. Mixing, ADR, sound design and music composition⁠—if it’s about sound, you can get it here.




A gravely Norwegian accent speaking perfect Spanish.
A wobbly-voiced tot that sings jingles in three languages.
From the most lovely giggle to the most horrid shriek.

Whatever voice you could possibly need, we’ve got it – and if we don’t we’ll help you find it. Any tone, any story, any emotion you need, we’ve got you covered. We’ve found voices that can excite the sloths and others that can tame dragons. We once spent eleven months perfecting the absolute perfect tones for a mediation session. It was all worth it for those zen vibes.



Idea Sonora has been busy. From skating around Moscow to canals in Venice, we’ve been finding some of the best recording studios in Europe and connecting with them. If you have a collaborative project, welcome to our web of sound. It doesn’t matter where your production needs to go, we can connect with anyone, anywhere. We’ve connected with production agencies and other studios in LA, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and New York. Here at Idea Sonora, we call that Tuesday.



Need an original piece of music to celebrate tires? We can do that. Need some acoustic musicians to perform it in studio? No problem, we’ll grab our guitars. Want it played by a full orchestra? We have one on call. Need it to be performed by a Swiss yodeler? Don’t worry, we have a guy. Basically, whatever music you might need, we’ll get it for you and then mix it flawlessly.


At Idea Sonora, we like to be ready for anything.
That means we don’t just have experts on sound design, production and post-production;
we also have experts in heavy metal, Muay Thai and artisanal cheese. Get to know the team that makes it all happen.


Director & Sound engineer

Pep is the director and founder of Idea Sonora. He spent years in Dublin and London, starting as a busker and eventually working his way into manning recording studios. In the process he was able to learn everything there is to know about sound and sound recording. Returning to Spain, he decided to start his own studio, and Idea Sonora was born.

Èlia Pablo - Production manager


Production manager

Èlia decided to go to Bristol for 10 months and ended up there for 3 years, working in radio and media production in the UK. She refuses to live anywhere without a beach or a river and is an expert on cheese, although she’s also lactose intolerant. She runs the production side of Idea Sonora, which means she has her hand in everything going on—consider her our resident octopus.

Sofia Acri. Sound engineer at Idea Sonora, Barcelona music studio.


Sound engineer

Sofia is the friendliest Muay Thai fighter you’ll ever meet. Sure, she’s tough, but she’s also the social butterfly of Idea Sonora. Combine that with years of experience in sound design, shooting and audio post-production and she’s truly a force to be reckoned with.

David Perez sound engineer at Idea Sonora. Music design studio in Spain.


Sound engineer

A true explorer, David is the office’s resident free spirit. When he’s not climbing mountains, he’s getting even better views as a drone pilot. That spirit of exploration is probably why he has experience across the audio industry, in both recording and post-production studios.


What do Frank Zappa, aliens and a dinosaur all have in common? They all live in our office. Our studio’s mural was designed by Gregory Saavedra and shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards. It’s always there to remind us, and anyone else who steps into Idea Sonora, that here anything can and will happen.

Here, technology is enmeshed with creativity to form a space where anything can happen. We’re situated in Gracia, the nexus of Barcelona’s innovative and international spirit. You can see the view from our terrace, or just come inside to enjoy our spacious studios. Anywhere you look, you’ll find the perfect visual compliment to mind-blowing sound.

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Ideasonora. Music design studio in Barcelona, Spain
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“As a professional partner, Idea Sonora’s focus is on making clients successful. They are easy to work with and communicative. Their standards of quality and ethics allow them to deliver their best to each client anywhere in the world”

Jim Kennelly | Lotas Productions | New York

“It’s always a pleasure working with you guys! You’re fast, fun, and efficient”

Karin | Stainless Sound | Amsterdam

“Extremely versatile music. Engaging spirit, stoking sound, dammed emotional ideas and great human to work with.“

Matthias Zentner | | Munich

“We are really happy about the connection with Idea Sonora for recording foreign languages. At our last project they set up a really good voice cast. We, as well as our customer and the agency, enjoyed the professional work from our studio in Hamburg.”

Janis Grossmann | Super Hearo Audio | Hamburg

“They don’t just do sound, they do ideas”

Chris Hatfield | Creative Copywriter | Madrid